Last month I received a little voucher in my email for a 2-week sample of the new(ish) Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation. I popped in to my local Debenhams and came out nicely shade matched with shade 5.0 and a little sample pot.

First thing to say is that the little pot was probably enough for a week (light cover) or 3-4 days regular cover, not nearly two-weeks sample. That said I was happy with the coverage and the feel of the foundation on the skin so I wasn’t too bothered. I didn’t set with powder and it did have great longevity throughout the afternoon. I wash my face as soon as I get in and so I didn’t wear it for more than about 4 hours on the first day. I was on the clock as I was keen not to miss my prayers, and didn’t even check how it looked before I washed it off.

On day two I applied a small amount to my skin using a duo fibre foundation brush. I blended well and applied a teeny bit more just where I needed a little more coverage. A touch of cream blush, highlighter, mascara and I was pretty much done. I lightly powdered, spritzed a little rosewater and off I went to work my shift. By the time I got to work 20 minutes later it had oxidised like a mofo. Luckily the lights in Boots are quite harsh and often make you look a little washed out, so my foundation looked okay under that light. In natural light it had deepened by two shades. Not good.

Oxidation can be a reaction to your skins ph or your skincare or other makeup products. So on day three I wore All Nighter solo with just my moisturiser underneath. It still oxidised after twenty minutes.

Day four I was working from home so decided to wear it completely solo, even without moisturiser. Still oxidised.

The verdict

Damn. Such a shame it oxidised every time I wore it. It was a good shade match (pre-oxidation), felt really light on my skin but gave good coverage, lasted really well all day AND no flashback (remember my disastrous trial of the Naked foundation a few years back?). I need a foundation that I can rely on to match my skin and stay true to that shade all day. Sadly the All Nighter foundation couldn’t deliver on this point.

Urban Decay All Nighter foundation is available from Urban Decay counters in Debenhams, John Lewis, House of Fraser and stand alone stores nationwide, priced £29.