There are already a number of online reviews of different magnetic palettes, and I read a few to help me decide which was right for me.
I chose the Unii palette as an alternative to the Z-palette due to its durable hard case (takes a few knocks) and locking mechanism. Was it the right choice?

The pricing structure encourages multiple purchases but I only bought two, just to try them out.

Pricing: £15.00 each/ 2 for £14.00 each/ 3 for £13.00 each/ 4+ for £12.00 each

The items arrived a few days after ordering. I opened the package to find another box wrapped in a cardboard sleeve. Once I got through the layers of packaging, there it was. Smaller than expected, it still fits a lot of depotted shadows/ concealers/ powders etc. It is not as deep as I had hoped. It is just about deep enough for my Art Deco Camouflage Concealers in their (already magnetic) cases.

EDIT: I have now depotted some of my shadows into the palette and it’s roomy enough for a good number and definitely deep enough.

What I do love about this is the sturdy clasp/ lock. No accidental messes when a palette slips open and coats your keys, wallet, papers in your handbag in a rainbow of pigment. The mirror is a really good size and is a relief from struggling with tiny mirrors in foundation compacts.

The manufacturers recognise that not all makeup comes in magentic  pans. They allow for this by including a sticky-backed magnetic sheet in the box, so you can cut to size and stick to the bottom of any pan. Awesome!
The colour range is broad (5 or 6 colour palettes) and allows you to colour code your palettes as a user from Purse Buzz does here >

I was initially a little confused as to what this little baby was…
A few clicks onto the website and I find that this is actually a handy thumb grip, for use on the go. A teeny little addition to make your usage easier. I love it.

Here’s my work in progress… more to de-pot but so far so good.

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