When I’m working in retail makeup, I often have customers eyeing up bolder eye colours and then backing out as they tell me they’re nervous about wearing bright or bold shades. Hold up. You can wear bright and bold colours without looking like an extra in an 80s electro-pop video.

My tip is to start slow and add colour in a subtle way. Yes, it is possible to be subtle when wearing bold, bright colours.

Start with a neutral daytime eye look that you’re comfortable with. Then add a pop of the bright or bolder shade on the upper or lower waterline or for an on-trend minimalist look, add a touch of colour to the inner corners.

Photo of a colour pop eye look

Here’s how it looks in person. A subtle flash of colour but not overwhelming.

Purples and greens look amazing on brown eyes.

Navy works well on all eye colours.

When you find a shade that you like, and are comfortable with it, you can take it up a notch. Run a little eyeshadow in that shade just below the lower lashline.

Once you start getting used to seeing the colour on you, you can then experiment with colour on the lids.

Remember, it’s only makeup. It washes off. If you’re not ready for the bolder colour, you can wash it off. Have fun and experiment!