The return of E.L.F. Cosmetics to the UK has got me reminiscing about the old products that I used to love back when I first started blogging. Some of these are products that I had been using for years and wanted to share, while others were new finds.

First up is the NARS pro prime skin smoothing face prep (now discontinued). There’s not a lot of product for your money and it’s only 7.5g. That said, a little is all you need. As you warm the product up with your fingers, it gives a little more slip and can be smoothly applied with your fingertips. I wouldn’t use this all over the face but is very good for just smoothing out open pores around the nose area and the cheeks. It is much lighter in texture than the liquid or gel formula silicon primers also on the market. I found that it never gave me too much slip nor did it add any greasyness to the skin.

The next product is a makeup artist Holy Grail. Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer is seriously the best foundation I’ve ever used. It gives a beautiful real skin finish while covering all the little imperfections. It’s pricey at £38 for 18g but the teeniest amount is all you need. I apply a tiny amount with a cotton bud and smooth it out a little before blending put with a soft foundation brush.

Next up is the E.L.F. Cool Bronzer. Now this is a product that I have used again and again, as an all over face bronzer. However the shade on the bottom left is great as a contour. I’ve always been more a fan of powder contour so that’s the one that I have probably used the most on my models. The E.L.F. Cool Bronzer is one of my favourite bronzing pallets because it’s a cool toned bronzer which works very well for cool skintones like my own, without looking too warm or too orange.

Next is one of my favourite cream blush products. It’s the Revlon photoready cream blushes. Now I have this in pretty much every shade they made and it was only a couple of months ago that I realised that it’s been discontinued. Apparently they’ve been gone for at least a year or so. That just tells you how long these little pots last.

Next up are two products from NYX: the matte lip cream in Addis Ababa, and the stick blush (discontinued) in shade 05 Tea Rose. I’ve got a couple of more of these blushes and a whole load more of the matte lip creams. The Matte Lip Creams are the one product from NYX that I’ve used consistently over the last 6 years or so. I’ve recently rediscovered my stash of stick blushes and have been wearing them nonstop over the past 5 months. They’re just so buttery on the skin and give a beautiful natural flush. I love them more now that I rock a dewy skin look compared to 2013 when I was big on the matte finish. I’m quite sad that these have been discontinued as they are much more natural looking than most blushers in the drugstore aisles today.


Next is the MeMeMe Blush Me in Coral. I also have this in Rouge but just haven’t used the Rouge much at all. However the Coral is a blush that I’ve used a ridiculous amount and over the summers of 2012/ 2013 when I was big on everything coral. What I really love about it is the little brush. It’s not a great blush applicator but it’s a fabulous brush for contouring.

The last little product I’m going to talk about is this Japonesque lip palette. This is a DIY, make your own palette and is a permanent fixture in my summer handbag. Mine is made up of my favourite drugstore lipsticks, particularly the Maybelline Colour Sensational Brights. I’ve got a Rimmel Lasting finish Coral shade, Maybelline Fuchsia Flash, Pink Punch, Hot Plum, Shocking Coral, and Coral Tonic, with Sleeks Matte Papaya Punch rounding of the palette. It’s very much my go-to palette every summer and has really beautiful summer brights in mostly matte finishes which perfectly compliment my preferred dewy skin finish.