A while back I attended the first Blogger Event at my local Clinique counter. I have not used much of Clinique skincare in the past, but I have been using Dramatically Different for a few years, only to be replaced by Moisture Surge earlier this year. Aside from those, I had no knowledge of their skincare range. This blogger event was therefore a great opportunity for me to try out a range of different products with application advice from the brand reps who know their products inside out.

Clinique EyeSpyBeauty


The refreshing cucumber water was most welcome, along with a reminder on the importance of hydration from the inside out

We started off with a skin consultation, talking through my own skin concerns. I would like to add back a little radiance to my skin but other than that, I have fairly normal skin, without any major skin concerns.  I was keen however to try out the Cleansing Brush as I have never tried Clarisonic or similar electronic cleansing brushes.


Here’s what we used on my skin.

After going through the cleanse, exfoliate, tone, serum, moisturise routine, my skin felt revived and radiant. How much of this was down to the products, and how much was the massaging action of applying the products, I can’t tell. You’d need to use the routine for a few weeks to see real benefits. I can’t see myself switching over to the full Clinique routine but have added been using Moisture Surge for a while now, and have recently added the Pep Start eye cream (when I remember to use it).

Some products from the classic Clinique 3-step program

Clinique also do have a range of colour cosmetics. I’ve used some of their older blushes in the past, and more recently have been using their color pop lipstick, as I have accumulated a few freebies from Clinique Bonus Time bags.


The Super City Block provides broad spectrum protection (i.e. protects against UVA and UVB) with SPF 40, which is definitely a plus. Most other brands give you SPF25 at most. That said, I found this too thick on my skin. I didn’t like the feel of this, compared to the Body Shop Drops of Light Skin Protectant SPF50.



Clinique Bonus Time

One thing you can say about Clinique, they are good with their Bonus Time samples and gifts with purchase (GWP).


A glimpse of Clinique’s Mens Range


What have you tried from Clinique? Are you a loyal 3-step follower, or are you a Clinique dabbler, dipping in when you find a product that works for you? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Hit me up on the socials.

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