Viseart… the best lipstick palettes ever? Possibly.


Which lipstick palettes am I talking about? Viseart.

More specifically the Viseart Muse Nudes 01 palette and the Viseart Neutral 02 palette.

These retail at around £60 per palette, and are genuinely worth every penny. Yes, seriously.

Each lipstick palette contains 12 lipstick shades of 2.3g per shade. The lipsticks are creamy, blendable and very highly pigmented. A little smidge will coat your lips in smooth, even colour for pretty much all day (5-6 hours wear with a touch-up after eating or drinking).

img_8599 img_8598

These have fast become my go-to lipstick palettes for all work, whether it’s bridal bookings, party makeovers, fashion shows, video shoots, fashion ranges… whatever the job needs. The shades selected in each palette are varied enough for all jobs but I can mix up the perfect blend of two or more shades to get the perfect fit to suit my clients’ needs.


Here’s a selection of how the shades look in person.