In general, I’d say that I have balanced skin. Not too dry, not oily, morning moisturiser keeps my face hydrated all day. No particular dryness issues.

Until… Winter to Spring weather changes.

I often get a flare up of extra dry skin, which just drinks up every layer of serum, moisturiser, and oil that I apply. It’s like Sahara desert dry and pops up seemingly out of nowhere.

Tackling the dryness: days 1-2

These dry skin flare ups take a lot of extra care to rebalance. I don’t like to be too heavy handed with my skincare, so I start by switching my light gel night-time moisturiser (Dr Botanics Match Green Tea night moisturiser) to a thicker creamier one (Q10 day moisturiser).

For a couple of days, I applied my regular Lidl Q10 serum to freshly washed skin, and let it absorb before applying moisturiser (Dr Botanicals Co-Enzyme Q10 moisturiser). Once the moisturiser is absorbed, I sealed in the moisture with some jojoba oil (Amphora Aromatics Jojoba Oil).

I continued with the night routine above, made sure to exfoliate as well, then I added a few drops of jojoba oil as the last step in my morning skincare routine.

That seemed to work for a few days…

… until it didn’t.

After 2 days of doing this at night, my skin was more hydrated but still very dry.

Tackling the dryness: day 3-4

So next I switched up the night-time routine and did a basic cleanse then serum. Instead of my normal Matcha Green Tea Night Moisturiser or the more creamy Q10 night-time moisturiser, I decided to bring out the big one…

Tackling the dryness: day 5

Drum roll please…. Dr Botanicals Advanced 8-Hour Overnight Renewal Cream. This overnight moisturiser is a solid, waxy moisturiser that melts into an oil as you rub between the fingertips.

I scoop out a small amount, melt in my fingertips, then apply all over my face in a gentle massaging motion. After applying I literally feel like a glistening gulab jam.

Morning verdict

After a good night’s sleep, I wake up to find that my skin has drunk up all that extra hydration & moisture. My skin feels soft and bouncy to the touch, and I can’t feel any dry patches, except around my nose. (I’ve had a cold lately so have dry skin around my nose from non-stop blowing my nose into tissues.)

After washing my face and applying my normal daily skincare, I’ll see how my skin feels later today. If I need to, I’ll repeat the intensive overnight moisturisation again. But I think I’ll be fine with just the one night. It’s really just that powerful. A great intensive moisture boost for those extra dry days when nothing seems hydrating enough.

Evening skin review

By evening, my skin feels ‘back to normal’ with my regular skincare. The intense overnight moisturiser last night did the job nicely.

Whhhhyyyyy didn’t I remember on day 2 that I had this gem?

Products I’ve used this week

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