I’ve used Schwarzkopf Live on and off over the years with perfectly fine results. I have recently been using L’Oréal Professional hair colour or Osmo Colour Psycho colour for ombre looks but saw this kit in my local Tesco so thought I’d give it a go…

Schwarzkopf Live

How did it fare?

Not great. I pre-bleach my hair before colouring so that the bright vibrant colours take to my hair and the colours are as vibrant as on the box. The effects were very muted shades, even after 40 minutes developing time (longer than suggested). They were stronger than pastels but nowhere near as vibrant as expected.

I have used Schwarzkopf Live in the past and it was perfectly fine. Just that. Not great or amazing, just fine. Now that I’ve tried higher quality products, I can’t go back.

I went back to using Osmo Colour Psycho for an inexpensive but professional finish.  This ‘experiment’ was a reminder that there is no substitute for professional hair colour.