Kiko is one of those stores that I just can’t help popping in to every time I am anywhere near a Westfield shopping centre. I am genuinely very excited about their new Regent Street store opening later this month, and am likely to be a regular there, as I pass Oxford Circus on my way home from work every day (the new store is just by the Oxford Circus/ Regent Street junction).

I’ve raved about their pro quality and affordable price before (Spotlight on Kiko) but their new ranges have really surpassed my expectations. On a trip to East London in mid-September, I tried out their new Perfect Picture Skincare range and it didn’t disappoint.

Kiko Picture Perfect Smoothing Serum

My favourite is the Photo Perfect Smoothing Serum (RRP £13.90). This is a white lotion with a purple iridescent sheen that becomes clear when massaged into skin. It hydrates, smoothes and primes beautifully. I tend to use a smoothing primer over enlarged pores, but this is sufficient on its own for the rest of the face. Unless you’re caking on the foundation (please don’t, it’s not a good look), the sheen shows through and gives a really nice natural glow to the face. This stops the skin looking too made up and photographs really well.


Here’s what Kiko have to say about it on their website (

“Smoothing facial serum for firm skin with a perfectly uniform finish. Thanks to special cosmetic technology and its iridescent and pearlescent formula able to capture and reflect light, the serum leaves the complexion glowing, even-toned and ready for a closeup. Skin appears immediately smooth, healthy and flawless for an instantly perfect photo finish. The formula’s special ingredients help to reduce the signs of aging, delivering an intense energy boost and limiting water loss.”


Having used the Photo Perfect Smoothing Serum on 6-7 photo shoots since I bought it, I completely agree with their claims of light-reflecting properties and beautiful glowing finish. It does smooth the skin out almost instantly (allow product to absorb into skin first) and gives a healthy look. It hydrates well all day, but I always use mattifier on t-zone to avoid shine later on, especially under the heat of studio lighting.


I can’t comment on the ageing claims or limiting water loss, as I don’t have the scientific know-how to investigate the ‘special ingredients’. I use this on my own skin and don’t feel the “intense energy boost” myself, but that isn’t a big deal for me. I assume that they are referring to the fresh fragrance giving an energy boost.


I used it for a recent street style photoshoot, applying it underneath Bobbi Brown stick foundation, and adding just a touch of mattifying lotion on the t-zone. These are unedited images from my phone and you can see how beautiful and natural the skin looks.

If you haven’t tried their skincare range,  I would definitely recommend  starting with Kiko’s Photo Perfect Smoothing Serum. It’s currently on offer as part of the 30% off promotion on all Kiko skincare.

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