This was an impulse buy from my local supermarket, fueled by curiosity.


I had seen this cheap and cheerful makeup brand before in the cosmetics aisle but being a bit of a magpie (I search out colour and glitz) nothing stood out to me, until I saw this palette.


Price: £3.99
Weight/ volume: 8.4g
Shades: 2 palettes (Enchanted, Unprotected)
My shade: Enchanted palette
Features: 12 eyeshadow shades (5 matte, 7 shimmer)
Purchased/ sample: purchased

Sales blurb:
The perfect palette – full of colour, there is something for every occasion in this palette! Find your perfect colour combination.


+ vivid, vibrant colours that are the same colour on skin as in palette.

+ cheap way to experiment with colour

+/- average blending – some shades blend better than others. If the powder were a little more finely milled then it would blend better.

+/- colour payoff is variable depending on colours. The deeper shades have better colour payoff on lids than the paler pinks/ champagne shades. You’d need to use fixing spray on shadow brush and pack onto the eyelid to make the lighter shades more opaque like on the swatches above (note that fingertip swatches will always look stronger than on the eyelid as the grooves on fingertip skin hold product better than smooth eyelids).

heavy fallout from shimmer shades, especially Going on (deep cranberry), Sorry (deep purple) and Me Too (deep brown with gold flecks).

Yay or nay
It’s not a bad purchase if you’re nervous about wearing bold colour and want to try a budget brand before splashing out on a larger palette. Personally, I wouldn’t buy it again as the Coastal Scents/ JC Nadia Paris (or any if those other black label 88 colour palettes – pic below) are between £5 and & 10 on eBay and have much less fallout.


The Enchanted palette is available from larger Tesco stores and online at Vivo Cosmetics.


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