B. is a recently launched makeup and skincare range, exclusive to Superdrug. I’ve previously had a play with the Complete Eyeshadow Palette and thought it was so-so.

What I was really drawn in by were their cream shadows (you can never have too many!), the B. Stunning Vibrant Eye Shimmer.

I’ve been playing around with them for a while now. Here’s my tuppence.

Price: £6.99
Weight/ volume: not disclosed (how annoying!)
Shades: 8
My shades: (clockwise from top left) Bittersweet 064, Moonshine 182, Copper 057, Poseidon 098, Golden Sand 097, Graphite 190, Royal 146 (centre)
Features: shimmery cream eyeshadow
Purchased/ sample: purchased


Sales blurb:
B. Stunning is a luxurious cream eyeshadow that gives an intense, metallic finish, a must-have addition to your makeup bag… Long-lasting finish which won’t ball or crease throughout the day.

+ Creamy consistency ensures really smooth application (except Golden Sand and Moonshine).

+ Easily blended together without streaking.

Patchy finish on Gold/ silver glitter shades and so they’re not suitable for all-over colour.

My favourites are Poseidon (green), Graphite (dark steely grey), Copper, and Bittersweet. These colours are just beautiful against any eye colour.


Poseidon & Graphite: The left pic and first two on the right are daywear looks, with the bottom. right being a heavier metallic party look.


Top: Bittersweet & Royal. Bottom: Poseidon & Graphite.

Yay or nay
Yay but the gold/ silver shades are best used on tear ducts as highlight as they’re not creamy enough for smooth application over the lids.

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