Most special occasion makeup artists will agree that customers are wanting more and more for less and less. Why? It’s the cheap makeup artists, the cost-cutters, under-cutters and cheap & cheerful crew crashing the market.

I could write a long essay to justify my rates, but I’d like to keep it short and sweet, so that I can move on and continue servicing the customers that do value my work.


My current base prices are as below:
Party makeup = £60 + travel +parking
Party hair & makeup = £100 + travel +parking

Here is a sample of comments I’ve had recently from potential customers…

That’s a little more than I thought it would be. Would you do it for £30?

Makeup services are a luxury service and come with years of training and experience. My prices are fixed.

Oh but xxxx does it for £25 per person with lashes

You are welcome to book with her. My prices are fixed.

That’s too expensive, how can you charge that much for a little bit of makeup?

With respect, if it was that easy, you wouldn’t need my services. My prices are fixed.

But MAC do it for £30, but I want someone to come to my house as I don’t have time to go to the store

You don’t have time to go to the store. Why? Your travel time costs you. So does mine. My prices are fixed.

Also… MAC does not do it for £30. Their standard prices in UK are £40 and while it is usually redeemable against product, you do not get the same luxury service as a mobile artist. Why? Keep reading, for a comparison below.



Nope. I won’t lower my prices. And clients should not be asking me to.

Let’s just compare with counter rates and service…

My service:

  • Experience: 8 years professional makeup artistry experience
  • Training: trained by industry experts at London College of Fashion
  • Location: Service in comfort and privacy of your own home/ party venue
  • Time: Service at a time chosen by you, any time from 3am to midnight (note that there is an additional fee for appointments between 3am & 6am)
  • Attention: One-to-one undivided attention
  • Hygiene: strict hygiene rules are followed regarding clean brushes for every client – deep cleaned, not just spot cleaned, no double-dipping, clean brushes, sanitation of hands brushes and surfaces, contraindications… the list goes on.
  • Skincare: skin preparation tailored to your skin type, from a range of professional quality products
  • Makeup tailoring: Bespoke makeup application to suit your skin type, event type and preferred makeup style, again, from a range of professional quality products
  • Allergies: Skin patch tests (if at trial) for any products to be used
  • Insurance: Fully insured services in the event of allergic reactions to products where allergies are specified

Cost: £60


Counter service (MAC/ Bobbi Brown/ Illamasqua/ etc):

  • Experience: anything from 1 year +, but note that all brands favour RETAIL experience over MAKEUP ARTISTRY experience
  • Training: Intensive brand training (varies in length, anywhere from 1-4 weeks with annual update training 2-3 days, note that sometimes artist is pre-trained elsewhere, so total training is more than that)
  • Location: You travel to the busy store and are served in amongst the usual trade. On top of that, you pay petrol/ bus/ parking to get there.
  • Time: Earliest appointments 9am, latest appointments usually 7/8pm
  • Attention: One-to-one attention… until a customer or another team member interrupts for a question
  • Hygiene: At best you’ll get spot cleaned brushes, at worst you’ll have product not fully cleaned off the brushes. When getting foundation-matched, I have asked counter artists to use another brush or clean the brush before it touches my skin – I should not have to do that. You cannot attest to the hygiene of the products as customers are always dipping fingers in shadows or applying concealers on their skin straight from the wand… just eww. That is not the fault of counter staff… you can’t police everyone, but they should retire items that are thus contaminated.
  • Skincare: skincare from the limited range from that brand, and that brand only
  • Makeup design: Makeup design from a set look book of face charts. Copy/ paste looks with minimal tailoring to customer.
  • Allergies: No patch tests.
  • Insurance: In theory you are covered by PLL from the brand BUT I’ve never seen anyone successfully claim, usually you are offered a voucher against product or future service (which you wouldn’t actually want if the original service made you break out or after an allergic reaction!)

Cost: Smashbox £30 plus your travel | MAC £40 plus your travel | Illamasqua £50 plus your travel 


With the added quality of service you get with me, I’m not looking that expensive now, am I?