Percy & Reed Volumising Oil

The Percy & Reed Volumising Oil is a nice little find from an old beauty box stash I found when clearing out my room the other day. A few drops of the dry oil rubbed into the fingertips and then run through the roots or lengths of the hair should be all you need for natural looking volume and bounce without greasyness. I have used this on multiple occasions and found that while it didn’t do much for my roots, it did give my hair good body when run through the mid-lengths to the ends of my hair.

I only wash my hair every 3 days and after applying the oil, I rather expected to need to wash in between. I didn’t. That was a nice bonus. My hair felt naturally voluminous, and nourished after using this oil.

Is it a must-have or a game changing product? For me, no. That said I will continue to use the bottle I have, and as you only need a couple of drops each time, I can see this lasting a loooong time.

Will I repurchase? Probably not, as I don’t really feel I’m missing out on volume, as my hair is under my hijab for most of the time. For those of you that want a  little more volume and bounce without fussing over blow-drys, then this is well worth checking out.

It’s £14 for 60ml, and is proving to be very popular as it is sold out on both Feel Unique and Look Fantastic.