Browsing the NYX Cosmetics Boxing Day sales I spotted some bargain metallic eyeliners to add to my boring black/ brown/ grey liner collection.
At £3 each, what’s the worst that could happen?

Price: £4
Weight/ volume: 6.5ml/ 0.25 fl oz
Shades: 24
My shades: LE03 Silver, LE09 Gold, LE10 Copper, LE12 Bronze
Features: Quick drying, high shine, metallic liquid eye liner
Purchased/ sample: purchased (on sale for £3)

L – R: Copper, Gold, Bronze, Silver

Sales blurb:
This favourite eyeliner guarantees thin or dramatic lining in 24 unparalleled shades. High quality thin brush applicator ensures ease in application and uniquely features a quick dry formula that stays rich in colour.

+ Quick drying though the silver shade took a little longer than the other three. It is quick drying compared to other liquid liners, not compared to gel liners which are dryer in texture and so dry very quickly.

+ Good pigmentation and solid, even colour (except silver).

– Varying quality Other reviews on Makeup Alley have cited thin liquid formula and poor coverage/ opacity. This was generally when reviewing the silver shade (I agree) and the blacks/ browns (which I don’t have). The gold, copper and bronze do not have this problem. This highlights the real issue for me – the quality is either amazing or poor depending on the shade you purchase. This is a problem for me. I expect all shades in a range to be of the same quality.

Sometimes flaky finish if you load too much onto brush. As it’s so quick drying, it can get a bit flaky during the day if you wear a very thick line or are wearing a more graphic eye liner look.

Yay or nay
Yay for all shades (except silver) if you just want to use to highlight inner corners or draw regular eye lines.
Nay if you want to experiment with thicker lines and flicks or graphic lines, as it may flake after a few hours.

I suspect that my problems with the silver shade are down to a dudd tube, as the others are awesome in texture and consistency. I’ll contact NYX to try and resolve the problem.

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