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Stay Home. The main message from UKG in Covid-19 lockdown. It’s been tough on us all, some more than others. Psychologically as well as physically. My mental health has been up and down. Routine is what is keeping me moving along day by day.

While in lockdown, I’ve been maintaining my skincare routine, as a way of prepping for working from home each morning. It’s so easy to fall out of routine when in lockdown, so I use my daily rituals to centre myself and keep myself grounded.

Lockdown skincare products

Neem Leaf facial wash by Botanical Labs (available from Superdrug)(not pictured)

1. Botanical Lab Pumpkin & Papaya Enzyme Daily Exfoliator
2. Cien Q10 Intensive Serum (Lidl own brand)
3. Revolution 5% Caffeine Solution & HA for undereyes
4. Dr Botanicals Seaweed Bio-Balancing Day Moisturiser
5. Bodyshop Skin Defence protection essence SPF50

Feel free to get in touch with your skin questions and issues. My DMs are open.

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