I’ve been a makeup artist for almost 10 years now, a mini-milestone for me.

In that time, I’ve worked on many test shoots, with different themes. I love test shoots. My problem is that I’m greedy. I want to maximise my time in the studio, or on set to make sure that I get the most out of it.

On an average 3-4 hour studio shoot, I’ll squeeze out 4 or 5 looks on one model, assuming I’m shooting them as well.

The most I did was a 9 different hair AND makeup looks, on a 6-hour shoot.

How the bloody heck did I do that? Good planning.

So how do I squeeze so many looks into one shoot?


Multiple models

If I’m not shooting, then I try to get 2 or 3 models booked. This enables me to work hair & makeup on second model, while the first model is shooting, then switch to third model or second look on first model – generally working in tandem with the photographer.


Always start with a beauty look

The first look for any of my photo shoots is a natural beauty look. This means that I can get the skin work finished first, with minimal colour. The model gets great beauty shots for their portfolio, and I get some more natural looks in my portfolio. It’s the natural looks that get me more commercial work.

| Model: Bella | Photographer: Dani L Baker | Hair/ make-up: Tas Chowdhury |


Build your look in stages

Start off with a natural look, then move to progressively heavier looks as the shoot progresses.

For maximum variety, I change eyes or lips in between each set of shots.

Lips are easiest to start off with nude lips, then adding a deeper shade, before finishing with a bold, bright shade.

For eyes,  I start with nude eyes, no liner, clear gel on lashes. Second look – add coloured liner. Third look add more coloured shadow, and black mascara. Fourth look – go deep, smokey, bold eyes, and if you fancy it, add some false lashes. Boom!

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