Oooh a dupes post. Who doesn’t love a good dupe?

Same shade, but cheaper and/ or more accessible product… but are they actually just as good? I’ve found some that might just be.

MAC lipstick dupes

Here are some of my most-used MAC nudes… Whirl, Twig, Mehr, and also one I don’t have, the infamous Pillowtalk by Charlotte Tilbury. MAC lipsticks retail for £16.50, while Charlotte Tilbury will set you back £24.

MAC lipstick dupes

I am not usually a fan of dupes, but the L’Oreal Paris Color Riche Matte Addiction Lipsticks are amongst my favourites. Why? They are a true matte finish but have a creamy feel on the lips, with minimal bleeding at the edges. They are strongly and evenly pigmented and have good durability (4-6 hours) without touch-ups. All at a fraction of the price of mid-tier brands like MAC. What’s not to love?

I found these dupes almost by accident. I bought some of the nude shades in the L’Oreal Paris Color Riche Matte Addiction range for my own personal use. We use MAC lipsticks in the photo studio I work at and I have grown quite fond of Mehr and Twig myself and noticed how similar they were to my L’Oreal shades. I stopped by MAC and Boots to do a little comparison swatching to see if I could find closer matched dupes.

Here are the L’Oreal dupes retailing at £6.99 swatched side by side:

L'Oreal dupes for MAC

MAC Whirl = L’Oreal Mahogany Studs = Smashbox Stylist

MAC Twig = L’Oreal Erotique

MAC Mehr =  L’Oreal Greige Perfecto

And while I’m on the dupes trip, this started back in Jan 2017 when I bought Blae’s Red from L’Oreal and found it to be a damn near perfect dupe for MAC Ruby Woo. Ruby Woo is pretty much my favourite lipstick ever and so I was pleased to have found a L’Oreal dupe that I could wear while for L’Oreal and keep on-brand.

What dupes have you guys found work for you? Hit me up on the socials for makeup bants and a little debate.

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