As a makeup artist and an Asian chick with a massive family, the Summer season means one thing… #weddings

Here’s a quick tip that I use for my bridal clients, and all of my special occasion clients to be honest.

I use a long-wear lip tar as a base, and layer a high pigment lipstick over the top. I use high-pigment lipsticks as a little goes a long way. Even if the lipstick wears a little in the centre of the lips after eating and drinking, you still have long-wear lip tar base underneath. After eating, you can top up a little in the centre of the lips again and you’re good for the day.

I often custom mix lipstick shades for my clients and so I give them a little touch-up. Touch-up kits are great but you want something nice and compact… here’s my pick, and it’s teeny tiny, less than an inch tall.

The mini lip gloss tubes come with a flocked doe foot applicator for lipstick or gloss application. They also have little inserts for gloss so you can regulate the amount of gloss coming out.

9 times out of 10, my clients don’t need the touch-up kits, but they all appreciate having an extra couple of applications of their custom lip colour for the next event. These are so tiny that they’ll fit in even the daintiest of clutch bags.

The mini lip gloss tubes were around £17 for 100 from eBay.