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#Wellbeing… what does it actually mean?

Print media and social media are full of different peoples’ perspectives of wellbeing. Self-love. Kindness. Lifestyle. Buzzword. Health. Trend. Happiness. Fad. Self-care. These are some of the things it can mean to many people, and it’s easy to feel adrift in the sea of ‘hashtag-wellness’.

For me, wellbeing is about physical, mental, and emotional health and, above all,  fulfillment. My idea of wellbeing is a growth process, that is to say, continually developing your own state of wellbeing. That encompasses a lot of things and is a very broad definition. I’ve been trying to narrow it down and define what it means in practical terms.

My dear friend Lizzie Salter has a fresh, yet simple take on wellbeing.

Kindness. Kindness in everything we do.

With this simple goal in mind, Lizzie has founded the Kind Living Salon, building on her vast experience garnered over 16 years in the health and beauty industry.

Tasnim Chowdhury Photography

The Kind Living Salon’s ethos is very simple. Be Kind. Be kind to oneself, to others and of course the planet.

The best person to tell you more about the Kind Living Salon is Lizzie herself!


With her focus on kind living, Lizzie hosts workshops and events for local wellbeing professionals to come together and share their skills, experience, and products within an intimate, peaceful and relaxing setting.

Lizzie invited me to one of her workshops earlier this year to learn more about kind living and to help me move further in my own wellbeing journey. It was held at Weston Museum, which is a gorgeous historic building, which used to house the Weston Gas Light Company.




Armonia Olistica

Rosemary at Armonia Olistica is experienced in a full range of holistic therapies. She has more qualifications than you can shake a stick at. Rosemary is a Reiki Master Teacher, Angelic Reiki practitioner, is experienced in Swedish massage, aromatherapy, Indian Head massage, Chakra balancing, and ear candling.


Do Yoga

Do Yoga are a group of 3 inspiring women, Emma Gliddon, Helen Cornish and Cheri Wilkins. They run yoga classes in Weston Super Mare offering a range of large group classes, one-to-one sessions, or small intimate groups. Their focus is on Hatha Flow Yoga for health and wellbeing.


Juliette Gregory

Juliette has been an Angelic Reiki practitioner since 2016, working in the Bristol area. She moved from a successful corporate career into Reiki therapies bringing more balance to her own life and wellbeing journey.


Jellybean Solutions

My favourite tips came from Jill at Jellybean Solutions. Jellybean Solutions offer a full range of colour consulting services, across image, diet, career, basically your whole life. Here’s an example. Most of us know that colour, food and mood are connected. You can extend that understanding and apply it to how you eat. If you’re unwell or recovering from illness, try eating from an orange plate to stimulate your appetite. If you’re trying to reduce portion sizes but still feel full, eat from a blue plate.

Thanks Jill… BRB I’m off to Ikea for some new dishware.


The Kind Living Salon

The Kind Living Salon offers luxury beauty therapy services using fully vegan, cruelty-free products with a focus on organic living and sustainability. Treatments are tailored to your needs and personalised for your ultimate comfort and wellbeing. Lizzie also retails cruelty-free skincare and makeup from Pink & Green Organic skincare, Maggie Anne nail products, and Zao Makeup.

For me, the whole event was a real eye-opener to the different facets of kind living and wellbeing. I discovered new things that I love and fully agree with, saw more established brands in a new light, and learned some things that didn’t fit into my own wellbeing beliefs, and that is what an event like this is all about.

My goal was to find out more about different peoples perspectives and offerings on wellbeing and kindness, and that’s exactly what The Kind Living workshop did, in an engaging and relaxing environment. So if you are confused about what wellbeing means, or you want to find out more about local Weston/ Bristol services, then definitely catch the next workshop hosted by The Kind Living Salon.

I’d love to hear more about your personal experiences with wellbeing and kind living. Do let me know by commenting below, or hitting me up on the socials.

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