Over the past year, I’ve been following the work of a fantastic makeup artist & microblading specialist, Holly Power. Her signature style is bronzed glowy skin with a 5-star glam factor. When I saw her social media post announcing her masterclass, I jumped on it and booked in straight away.

What makes her work different to the Instaglam crowd?

The key difference for me is editing & lighting. All of Holly’s images of her stunning bridal work are UNEDITED and UNFILTERED. For real. She doesn’t rely on ring lights to soften and diffuse the look. What you see really is what you get.

You all know that I hate seeing added filters to portfolio work as it gives a false impression to prospective clients. Some of you follow my work and will say that’s true of a lot of my work too. That said, I sometimes struggle to get a glam-glowing look sit naturally on all of my clients. On most of them, yes, but not all. 

I’ve admired the skin finish that Holly gives to ALL her clients, and that’s the technique I wanted to see first hand. 

So what’s the big deal? 


The look is full glam but no harsh brows,  no hard contour lines, and no mask effect. Completely unedited, what you see is what you get. I took it myself on my cheap-ish phone camera. No fancy camera tricks or ring lights to diffuse harsh lines. 

In all honesty, Hollys techniques are very similar to my own, bar a few exceptions (I never bake, and we use very different products). What I did learn on Saturday night were little tweaks and adjustments I can add to my own signature style. The aim should not be to replicate Holly’s style, but to adopt some of her techniques and enhance your own signature bridal makeup style.  

I could list here all the little tips and tweaks I picked up from Holly, but I won’t. Not because I’m being protectionist over a peers secrets, but because the tips won’t make sense in isolation. You really need to see for yourself how Holly uses her techniques to fit the overall look. Then you can critically assess your own bridal makeup style and analyse which tips can add value and enhance your style.

So my plea to fellow makeup artists (whether newbies or pros like myself) is to book onto her next masterclass. 

27th Jan 2018 but there are only a few spaces left. Get on it guys, you won’t regret it.