Back in June, I was asked by my friend, Grace Kingsley to assist on makeup for the Hobbs Show 2018. For those not in the know, the Hobbs Show is an annual variety show, full of singing, dancing, fashion, and entertainment, all raising money for a local charity, and to raise awareness of social issues. This year, The Hobbs Show was supporting Help Bristol’s Homeless.

Help Bristol’s Homeless is doing incredible work locally to help solve Bristol’s chronic problem of people sleeping rough on our streets and we wanted to play our part by both raising money and promoting the project. – Doug Hobbs


Hobbs Show 2018

The Harbour Hotel was transformed into a cabaret for the night

The line-up for the evening was a cultural feast, a mixture of song, tap & street dance, contemporary interpretive dance, fashion, circus performance, poetry, spoken word, and opera.

Hobbs Show 2018

The fantastic Giffy Girls



The highlights for me were the Giffy Girls amazing dance routines and of course, Kori Campbell… what can I say? Wow!

During the final mic checks and dress run before the show, the room was buzzing with hairstylists, costumers, makeup artists, body painters, stage hands, lighting supervisors, caterers, sponsors, table dressers… it was organised chaos. Then Kori Campbell took the stage for his sound check, and the room fell SILENT. You could have heard a pin drop. His voice was so spectacular, it had the crew in tears. I must admit dabbing away a few myself.

Amazing KORI CAMPBELL singing at the Hobbs show.

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The performers from Circomedia were fantastic as always. I had seen a fire acrobatics show last year as part of the Bishop Road School fireworks display, but this was the first time I saw Circomedia performers up close. One word. Amazing! I’m looking forward to booking some tickets for future Circomedia performances and take the children along, they would love it.

It was a fantastic show, and I am so glad that I could be a part of it, thanks to my girl, Grace Kingsley.

GK Nails


For more images of the show, pick up your copy of the Bristol Life Magazine this August.

Hobbs Show 2018

As featured in Bristol Life Magazine


Hobbs Show 2018

As featured in Bristol Life Magazine

If you’re seeing all the magazine coverage and getting major FOMO (fear of missing out), don’t worry, The Hobbs Show will be back next year!