Gorgeously long, thick hair is a joy to work with as a stylist. But getting through curling the masses of hair can be a mission. Here’s my little time-saving (and arm-saving) tip when curling long, thick hair.

Dun dun dun… Use two different sized-barrels for curling.

Section your hair from ear to ear, and curl the bottom half with a wider barrel tong. This gives nice, softer curls and volume in the bottom half, and you can use larger sections, as you’re not going for as tight a curl.

Then curl the top half with a smaller barrel, for more defined curls. That way you can get the visual look of tighter curls on the top layers, without spending extra time doing tighter curls on the bottom later that mostly won’t be visible – saving you time on curling, and saving a lot of arm-ache.

This is the method I use when curling my lovely daughters thick, luscious hair. Once she’s old enough to curl her own hair, she’ll definitely be using it too.