A few weekends ago I found myself short on time and I didn’t have time for hair removal before I headed up to London for a weekend of family visits (sisters new baby!) and a photoshoot on Sunday.

Usually I use a hot wax treatment at home to keep my upper lip fuzz-free, but I didn’t find the time before I left home. So when I got to London, I hot-footed it down to my sisters local Superdrug trying to find my trusty warm wax treatment. Alas it was nowhere to be found. I hesitantly picked a substitute wax and a new product that removes hair without wax or heat.

It is… the imaginatively titled Superdrug Facial Hair Remover!

No heat or warming up sounded perfect as it would be a bit embarrassing if my sister + in-laws saw me heating up my face wax in the kitchen.

Once back at my sisters, I tucked the kids up in bed and started my beauty prep for the next day. First to go was lip fuzz.

Inside the box is a latex-foam applicator, and buffing strips. The strips are sticky on one side and are easy to fit onto the applicator.

Directions for use are super-easy, as below.

A minute later I was fuzz-free. I dabbed with damp cloth, soothed with aloe vera cream and settled down to bed.

I had a good look in the morning and was impressed with the finish. Quick results, no rash or irritated skin. Fantastic. And at a bargain introductory price of £3!

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