I bought this Gadi 21 Minerals Nail Kit at House of Fraser on Oxford Street. I am usually very wary of pushy salespeople and dodgy demos but I had time to kill so I gave in and agreed to a demo.


I was impressed by the results and bought the kit. I did wonder whether I’d been swindled or whether I really could get the same results at home. Here’s how I got on.

Price: £20
Kit Includes:
Hand and Nail Lotion 250ml
Cuticle Oil 10ml
Professional Nail Buffer
Nail File
Purchased/ sample: purchased


Sales blurb:
Take care of your nails with Gadi 21 Minerals Nail Kit. Our hand and Nail lotion is rich in Dead Sea Minerals and will keep your hands looking beautiful and create healthy nail growth. Easy to use with quick result to give you a professional shine that lasts. The Nail Kit is suitable for use on fingernails and toenails. The kit contains Cuticle Oil, Hand and Nail Lotion, Professional Nail Buffer and Nail File. Everything you need to have a professional and healthy look for your nails.

+ very easy to use and if you forget the advice or instructions from the in-store salesperson it’s all included on the box.

+ you do get professional looking shine and the shine really does last 2-3 weeks!

+ cuticle oil softens even the hardest and crustiest cuticles. I have very dry, peeling cuticles and so I left the cuticle oil on for longer. Then, as the salesperson did, I pushed back the cuticles with just cotton wool. Result? No scratching nail surface. No cutting of cuticles. No peeling. This is fantastic for people like me that find cuticle pushing/ cutting uncomfortable and dread manicures.

+ you can bargain/ haggle! I was offered a buy one, get one half price. Great. But the salesperson previously told me that one kit would last me a couple of years. So why would I need two kits? I put this to him and talked him into giving me a different product half price. So I bought a body scrub half price instead of a second nail kit. [Body scrub is absolutely awesome by the way.]


expensive at £30, but it is available for £20 on eBay. I did buy it from House of Fraser for £20 but this was a special promotional discount. The nail file and hand cream are average but the nail buffer and cuticle oil are superior to others on the market. So you’re really paying £30 for a nail buffer and a small bottle of cuticle oil.

the in-store sales tactics were heavy handed. I prefer when companies rely on the quality of their goods rather than pushy salespeople.

Yay or nay
Rating 4 out of 5
This would be 5 out if 5 but it loses half a point for the high price, and loses half a point for the overbearing sales team whose sole aim is to sell you products you don’t need on the back of one or two good products.