DKNY Be Tempted is the latest fragrance launch (September 2016) from DKNY. DKNY is a brand that I’ve worn in the past, when I was a much younger, cooler, teen/ young adult. I haven’t really revisited their fragrance offerings since the first Be Delicious scent. DKNY scents tend to be very fresh and perfect for daytime wear. I have my daytime staple (D&G The One, if you might know) but DKNY Be Tempted is firmly pitched as a sensuous, seductive fragrance and so it had me at hello…

… and then I opened the bottle…

Be Tempted captures that tantalising feeling in a new provocative fragrance rooted in the succulence of fruits for a delectably addictive scent that expresses an overt willing and want for sensorial seduction.

Olfactory notes
Top: Blackcurrant bud, lemon, devil licorice, red fruit
Heart: Rose essential oil, violet, orange blossom
Base:  Indonesian patchouli, vanilla, myrrh


The ultimate temptation of (wo)man, the apple that tempted Eve to defy God himself. Some might say that the comparison is a bit much for just a perfume. But is this just a perfume?

First off, I have to say that I have fallen in love with this fragrance. The scent reminds me of the sweet and delicate flavour of my favourite fruit, the lychee. Oddly enough, though that is the overwhelming scent for me, it isn’t one of the key notes in the parfum.

This is a strange perfume in that I can’t pick out any of the individual base notes, though all are normally very strong and quite distinctive scents. The melange of the various top notes gives an overall delicate, light fruity lychee scent, but again I couldn’t pick out a single of the notes individually. I can’t even get a light whiff of any of the heart notes. This has never actually happened to me before.

The fragrance is sensuous in a soft, daytime sense but not the deep musky oud that you would expect given the base notes. It would suit women of any age and is definitely more of a day fragrance.


[Pause for a coffee break – FYI it clears the olfactory senses]

Aaaaand I’m back. Time for a second try at distinguishing the individual notes. Nope, no better at it. Anyway it doesn’t even matter that I can’t smell the individual notes in the fragrance as this perfume is more than the sum of its parts. The end result is a beautiful, blended scented musk that stays with you all day. This could just be my new favourite day-perfume.


DKNY Be Tempted is available at Boots, Superdrug, and department stores nationwide.