Ever since I saw US reviews on the new Maybelline Colour Tattoo metallic shades in December I’ve been desperate to try these. In the UK Rose Gold was launched back in the Autumn but the other shades have only recently been released.

Price: £4.99
Weight/ volume: not disclosed
Shades: 5
My shade: 24K Gold and Light in Purple
Features: cream shadow with high shine metallic finish
Purchased/ sample: purchased


I picked up the new 24K Gold and Light in Purple shades. These are the two I’ve been most excited about as I am always using strong gold and silvery shades on Asian Bridal clients. The Eternal Silver shade was a bit of a disappointment for me, so I was keen to see how this purple-toned silver would shape up.

Here’s how they look on the skin.
These shades may be a bit too bold for the Western market but we Asians go bold and bright for any occasion.

I bagged a “buy one get one half price” deal at Boots. Get there quick as I predict these will be hot stuff this wedding season!

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