Here’s one of Rimmel’s latest lip offerings, Apocalips Lip Lacquer.


Not being a big Rimmel fan, I don’t tend to use much Rimmel, either in my own makeup bag or my kit. I’ve got a couple of Kate Moss lipsticks and the Taupe and Nude eyeliners but that’s about it. So what made me part with my pennies?

While the 3 for 2 offer helped persuade me, I tried the Apocalips on a bit of a whim, expecting a toned down version of my favourite Maybelline 8H lip glosses.

Price: £5.99
Weight/ volume: 5ml
Shades: 8
My shade: #303 Apocaliptic
Features: cream lip colour
Purchased/ sample: purchased

Shade 303 Apocaliptic is a deep pink and one of the brighter shades and so it was first in my basket. I also picked up the nude and coral shades, 600 Nude Eclipse and 501 Stellar.

The applicator has a finer tip than most other gloss wands. This makes precision application easier in just one go. The formula is smooth and creamy with a matte finish. It’s creamier than NYX soft matte lip cream and more hydrating.

Apocaliptic looks more red on my lips than swatched on my skin. I don’t have deeply pigmented lips so was a bit disappointed as I’d expected a vibrant pink.


It still looks punchy and bright on my lips and is non-drying. Though I only wore it for a couple of hours.

I’ll try the other two shades in due course but this was alright. But only alright. Overall I thought they are fine for an everyday look, but I’ll probably stick to my Maybelline 8H lip gloss stain.

Which shades have you tried?

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