Dilemma. You want long-lasting fallout-free eyeshadow without compromising on colour options?

Cream shadows are my go-to product for quick, party-ready eyes that last all day/ night. Keep reading for a selection of my favourites that I use on myself (quick and easy looks for a busy mum of two), on clients (long-lasting party wear) and on photo-shoots (fantastic as eye base).


E.L.F. Studio Cream Liner £3.75 for 10g

These shadows are really eye liners but they work well as cream shadows. 10g is the net weight per the website, but it doesn’t look as much as 10g in the pots, I will decant at some point and compare with another brand. They dry quickly so you need to work with them quickly if you want to blend more than one shade. The colour payoff is fabulous for such a cheap product. ELF also have a line of cream shadows, which are very similar in texture and quality.

ELF Studio Cream Liner


Maybelline Color Tattoo £4.99 for 4g

Regular readers will know how much I love these. I use the metallics myself for quick party looks, and the matte shades are perfect bases for client makeovers and photoshoots. In my opinion the quality is as good as the MAC Paint Pots, though the metallics don’t really compare to the Bobbi Brown Metallics (see below) in range of shades.

maybelline color tattoo


MeMeMe Dew Pots £7.25 for 3ml

I use these less frequently as they take a little longer to dry and set than the other brands featured here. I love the shade range, particularly the midnight blue. None of the other ranges have as deep a blue, and so if I need a true dark blue I reach for MeMeMe Dew Pots every time.

MeMeMe Dew Pots


Sleek Molten Metals £6.99 for 5.4g

I really love the colour payoff that these cream shadows have. They are great for creative looks, but if you’re wearing them yourself, you’ll need to let them dry for a good minute or so before closing eyes. Then set with powder shadow for all night smudge and budge-proof eyes. If you skip this step, they will not only crease but slip and slide all night. These are best used as a base shade for powder shadow and aren’t the speediest of the bunch.

Sleek Molten Metals


Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow £14 for 4.5g

I had no idea that Benefit had a range of cream shadows until late last year. Anyone would think they were latecomers to the cream shadow party but they were amongst the first brands to launch theirs, albeit on the quiet. These aren’t available in many shades and those they have are muted, subtle colours but they are a very high quality and blend beautifully. These are amongst my favourites, especially the greys like Skinny Jeans. The grey shades are not flat at all but are have a real depth of colour to them, even though grey is considered a bland colour. You really have to see these to understand why I rave about the depth in colour.

Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow


Bobbi Brown Metallic Cream Shadow £18.50 for 3.5g

Bobbi Brown’s selection are the best for traditional metallic shades in reds, bronze and coppers. You can build them up to a really high-shine finish or keep them as a solid wash of colour. The drugstore brands start of as a soft wash of colour and need building up to a solid wash. These are superior in texture and finish, and are definitely pricier but are worth it. These are Asian bridal essentials.

Bobbi Brown Cream Shadow


MAC Paintpot £13.50 for 5g

These are a pro-kit staple. Why? Well they’re available in a good range of colours and are well-pigmented. They don’t carry as vibrant colours as I like but they do offer much more variety of colour than the other pro ranges. New shades and limited editions are brought out regularly to meet make-up artist and consumer demand. It’s just a shame that some of the best shades have been discontinued. My personal favourite is Fresco Rose, although Maybelline’s comes a close second. Fresco Rose is one of my bridal kit essentials, especially for fresh, natural rosy engagement looks.

MAC Paintpot



Don’t restrict yourself to just using cream shadows for base colour. They blend beautifully and seamlessly, as long as you blend quickly before they dry. Once dry, they’re set (and crease-proof) all day/ night.

Here are some quick and easy looks with cream shadows.



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