One quiet afternoon I was having a lovely little beauty chat with a colleague about our favourite mascaras. I am quite partial to my Benefit  Rollerlash but disappointed that they don’t have a waterproof variant. She gave me a knowing nod and just told me to watch this space… she gave no spoilers but 2 months later… the Baby Doll mascara was launched by L’Oreal, in black, teal, indigo blue and lilac, aaaaaand… a waterproof black.

I wasn’t able to get my hands on the waterproof version so settled with trialing the regular black mascara.

The formula is average drugstore quality. Nothing special. What sets this apart is the brush. It really does look and feel like a velcro roller… that’s not necessarily a good thing. When I apply my mascara I start really close to the root, and with this brush I cannot help it scratching my eyelid at the root. Maybe I just need to get used to it or practice keeping my hands more steady. The problem is, once I’ve scratched the waterline or the lid, it hurts like a mutha. Then my eyes get red, itchy and watery… it’s a hot mess.

If I’m really careful then I get a decent curl but it doesn’t stay as long as I’d like. Here it is on the eyes. I didn’t pre-curl my lashes and they started off with a decent curl but that straightened out after about 3 hours.


Baby Doll v Roller Lash

What I love most about Benefit Roller Lash is that the velcro roller comb really does hug the lashes and help lengthen and curl. If you want to lengthen you just aim at the base of the lashes and brush through. If you want a strong curl, you roll the wand upwards through the lashes. Baby Doll is best used in this rolling motion, rather than simply brushing up through the lashes.


The verdict

In theory, the Baby Doll brush should work better but in practice it just doesn’t grip the lashes the way the Roller Lash does. Benefit has the better formula for sure, and the better brush. I was looking for a more budget alternative and a waterproof alternative for Roller Lash, sadly this ain’t it.