Sleek i-Lust Gold Standard

This is a little palette I bought from Sleek MakeUP last November, which I then promptly forgot about, as it arrived in the week that I moved house. It was only recently when  I was clearing out my makeup room that I discovered the unopened little black box from Sleek. When I opened it I was pretty stoked to see that I did indeed buy the limited edition Gold Standard i-Lust shadow palette. Happy days!

Sleek i-Lust Gold Standard

We’re now fully into party season, and lately I’ve been rocking a lot of gold smokey eye looks. My favourite eyeshadows for gold, shimmery smokey eyes are all from drugstore brands. This palette from Sleek MakeUP comprises 6 complimentary shades, 4 of which are powder (1,2, 4, 6) and 2 are creme (3, 5).


Shades L-R 1: Laurent, 2: Coco, 3: Margiela, 4: Vera, 5: Louis, 6: Vivienne

Here’s a step by step of one of my staple party looks using this palette.

  1. sleek-i-lust-look-01Using a synthetic eyeshadow brush take some of the Margiela (antique gold)creme shadow and apply all over the lid, up to the crease, blending well for an even base.
  2. Take a socket brush and apply Coco (warm rust) to the crease. Blend well with a clean socket brush.
  3. Apply Vera (Antique Gold) all over the lid and take it up to the crease.
  4. Take a smaller shadow brush and apply Laurent (shimmery deep berry) to the outer corners of the eye.Blend well so that the Laurent shade blends seamlessly into the Vera shade.
  5. Without adding any more product, take the small shadow brush you’ve just used and run it two-thirds of the length of the bottom lash. For a deeper intensity, apply a little more Laurent to the lower lashline.
  6. Run a little of Vera along the inner third of the lower lashline and blend into the Laurent shade.
  7. Line the upper lashline with a jet black gel liner (I used Illamasqua Infinity Gel Liner), and add a coat or two of mascara and you’re done.


Sleek i-Lust Gold Standard

Just beware that shimmery and sparkly shadows will have a lot of fall-out. These shades are no different and so definitely do your eyes first, and then your base, to avoid ruining your perfect base!

The whole eye look only takes about 5 minutes, so you can be party ready in about 10 minutes.