Smashbox have really been churning out the new releases this year. So much so that I am way behind on testing and reviewing. I like to give any product a really good road test. I’ve had this Ablaze palette knocking around my vanity since April and it’s quite a versatile little beast.

Smashbox themselves describe the Covershot palettes as,

…a collection of 6 high-impact eye shadow palettes is influenced by trends seen at our L.A. photo studio. Each slimline, portable palette has a curated mix of 6 shadows + 2 double-sized base shades that deliver beyond blendable colour in velvety, fierce foil finishes you’ll obsess over.

What you get…

8 shades, totalling 7.8g of product for £24… a mixture of satin and matte shades, neutrals and warm reds and browns… mirrored palette that fits in the palm of your hand…

Ablaze is a palette of rich, warm tones to rival the hottest of the Insta-brand palettes on the market. I won’t touch Morphe or ABH shadows with a  barge-pole (don’t even go there) and this is a nice alternative.

ABH Renaissance palette (£41) gives you 14 shades and a total 7.9g of eyeshadow. Morphe 35OS (£22) gives you 35 shades.

The problem with ABH and Morphe is that they’re pretty shit in comparison. Yes you can dip your finger in and give it a good rub and say ‘oooh ahh look at that pigment’ but when applied and blended with an eyeshadow brush you need to apply, blend, then go back in and re-apply and re-blend multiple times before it actually gives you any vibrancy. That’s pretty poor pigment in my book.

One application and a quick blend of the Smashbox Covershot is all I need for opaque pigment all day… and I have pretty deep and discoloured lids.




Small but mighty

This is a really small sized palette (fits in the palm of your hand) but still packs a respectable 8 shades and 7.8g.


Brand on brand price/ weight comparison


  • £24 for 7.8g equates to just over £3.07 per gram.



  • pro refill pans: £10 for 1.5g (£6.66 per gram)
  • 9 palettes £25 for 7.2g (£3.47 per gram)


Bobbi Brown

  • single shadows: £18 for 2.5g (£7.20 per gram)
  • trio palette: £27 for 7.2g (£3.75 per gram)



  • single shadow £17 for 2g (£8.50 per gram)
  • quad palette £35 for 6g (£5.83 per gram)


Urban Decay

  • Moondust single shadow £15.50 for 1.5g (£10.33 per gram)
  • Naked basics 6 shade palette £24 for 7.8g (£3.07 per gram)


Smashbox wins hands down against all but the Naked Basics palette. That said, I found the Naked Basics really powdery and not nearly as blendable as the Covershot palette.



Here are a few looks I’ve tried with the Covershot Ablaze palette.

These reds and russet browns are a little out of my comfort zone, as I’m a nude eyes gal or a deep black/ blue smokey gal. I do somewhat envy the bold reds and warm peaches and browns that are very popular eye looks on Insta right now, but it just doesn’t feel very me. I’ve settled on my own little spin on the reds, using them as transition shades for my smokey looks, or to add a little fire to he outer corners of my nude eye looks.

What shades push you out of your comfort zones?