Crownbrush are well known globally in make-up artist circles for having quality, affordable make-up brushes, palettes & make-up accessories.  I have tried their palettes and they are pretty good for the price. I don’t tend to use them on set though but do use them for practising new looks.

 Crown brush

The standout products for me are their brushes. If you’re a regular make-up wearer then I would always advise having a good brush kit. Crown have a good selection of brush essentials kits. As a make-up artist, I like to mix & match my brushes so I prefer to buy single brushes. MAC are a top brand but their brushes are expensive.


pro blending fluffMy favourite MAC brush is the MAC 217 blending brush (£18). It’s perfect for powder/ cream shadows and powder/ cream/ liquid concealer too. I’ve used my 3 so much that they’ve taken a beating and the oldest one started to shed. I replaced recently with the Crownbrush dupe, the c433 pro blending fluff brush (RRP £6.09). I use the 217 and c433 interchangeably and don’t notice the difference.

So if you’ve got battered and used brushes that need replacing, check out Crownbrush.



The great news for March is that Crownbrush are offering a 10% discount for my blog readers.

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