9-5 City Style 2017


I’m always on the lookout for work-friendly dresses that fit my awkward mum-tum body and are modest enough for my liking. This Christmas period, I joined a couple of retail agencies for premium make-up, skincare and fragrance brands. The uniform code is pretty strict, more so for temps than for permanent store staff… tailored black dress with tailored jacket, or a tailored trouser/ skirt suit. Oddly enough I needed a smarter work look for retail than I do as a high-flying Chartered Accountant advising some of the top FTSE100 companies… image is very important in premium beauty retail.


This December I literally had ONE smart black dress that I could wear for my premium retail bookings over Christmas. I am a bit of a colour chameleon and so most of my smart, tailored office dresses are vibrant jewel tones rather than black. I do own a lot of black clothing but to keep my looks fresh, they are unusual designs or casual fabrics that I mix and match with smarter, tailored jackets… again not in-keeping with the agency dress codes. 


I found some old John Lewis gift vouchers in the depths of my post-move storage and decided to hit the sales. I am more than a little out of shape and find it really hard to find dresses in the right cut to cover my lumps and bumps, and so usually default to fit-&-flare styles. I was really pleasantly surprised to find about 6 dresses that fit me nicely, and none of them were fit-&-flare. Obviously I didn’t need 6, so I settled for my two favourites; the £40 dress above by Kiin, and a £49.50 dress by Bruce Oldfield. Add a polo neck top underneath, some opaque tights/ leggings and they are perfectly modest enough for my tastes. Win-win!