12 tips for 2012 party season

It’s that time of year again… yes, Christmas parties are around the corner. Here are my top tips to take you from office to bar and back home with minimum fuss.

1. Plan a comfortable outfit that will keep you warm on the journey home.
Avoid tight clothes and anything that reveals too much flesh. A bit to drink may lead you to expose more than you intended.
A pencil dress for day with flats, becomes instantly sexy at night with a pair of heels. [Keep the flats for the journey home later.] Jazz up with killer jewellery for the evening.

2. Wear-in new shoes before the day of the party.
Good quality shoes are a must. If they’re strappy sandals, make sure there are enough straps to keep them comfortably on your feet. The more straps, or the wider the straps, the less pressure on your feet to keep them on. Pop some foldable flats in your handbag. My party flats of choice are from Redfoot.

3. Wear a solid heel.
Think physics. The slimmer the heel, the smaller the surface area/ contact area of the heel.
Force / small surface area = greater pressure (on your feet)

4. Spray soles of your shoes with hairspray.
Yes. Hairspray. It gives soles more of a grip on pavements and dancefloors, so you’re less likely to slip over.

5. Insoles. Gel pads. Sore spot pads.
Essential. Pop some of the sore spot pads/ dots in your clutch bag for later. You’ll find sores are easier to deal with straight away. Once they blister, you’re done for.

6. Keep makeup simple.
Focus on one statement area, eyes or lips. Avoid temptation to wear glitter makeup.
When you’re tired or tipsy you’ll smudge and smear it everywhere. Not so glam.

7. Wear a longwear cream eyeshadow for the daytime and blend black gel eyeliner for a night smokey eye.
See my post on creating the 2-minute smokey eye.

8. Set all makeup with setting spray.
Spray in the morning, and after post-work touch-ups. Collection 2000 (now just Collection) have a great handbag sized spray, Fix Me Up (see earlier post: Urban Decay All Nighter vs Collection Fix Me Up).

9. Braid wet hair in the morning for work, let loose for night-time.
Add mousse or curling cream to wet hair before braiding for added hold. Pin or tie front strands of hair away from your face.

10. Layer your perfumed products for day to night longevity.
Apply perfume over body lotion/ oil so that it sits on top of your skin. The fragrance will hold better and you’ll only need a spritz to top up after work.

11. Ditch the coat and opt for a cape instead.
Not Superman cape, but a jacket cape. You’ll stay warm without having to fuss with buttons when it’s late and you’re tired.

12. Book annual leave the following morning to recover. You’ll still be in the office in the afternoon to catch the gossip burning can have a lie-in, guilt-free.

I hope you’ve found my party tips useful. Whatever you’re doing this Christmas, have fun and stay safe.

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