This is what my friends call Tas’ pond weed. I love it though. And it’s not pond weed. It’s bubble tea.

Bubble tea is basically green tea either a fruit tea or tea with milk, and with added jelly or tapioca balls. Just so you know, I like a nice peach jasmine tea with extra tapioca, so if you want to get on my good side… hint hint…

Bubble tea originates from the Chun Shui Tang Teahouse in Taichung, Taiwan in the 1980’s.

I go by many names… pearl milk tea, boba milk tea, boba juice, boba

The legend goes that Lin Hsiu Hui, the teahouse’s product development manager, poured pudding with tapioca balls into an iced tea drink during a meeting in 1988. Why he would do that, I have no idea. That said, it tasted quite good and the reception from the meeting attendees was positive. Bubble tea was now a thing.

I first tried bubble tea at Bubbleoogy in the Westfield Stratford City and I was hooked. There weren’t many/ any bubble tea bars outside of London and so I was ridiculously excited to find Cupp.

Cupp is a bubble tea bar housed  a little shipping container in Quakers Friars, where the old Bristol registry office once was. I pop down there whenever I can for my bubble tea fix, and am looking forward to a cool iced bubble tea when I break my fast on the first day of Ramadan this weekend.