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In today’s social media driven society, it’s tough to just be you.

Dodging and navigating your way through the thousands of makeup tutorials from influencers using a million and one shades from the latest ABH palette is hard.

So many of my clients, friends and community ask me the same question…

How many colours should I be using on my eyes?

My answer is simple.

As many or as few as you like.

If you like a light wash of a single colour on your lids, that’s fine. If you like a super-blended 6-shade eye look, then go for it. Sometimes the YouTube tutorials can feel like too much colour for my local ladies & gents. My crew are not alone in feeling this way.

Recently there has been a shift away from heavily made-up Instagram cookie-cutter looks and back towards natural beauty, or the no-makeup-look. This look has been championed by everyone, from little people, like me, to mahoosive stars like Natalie Portman and Alicia Keys, and royalty (of course I’m talking about our adopted Brit, Megan Markle) for interviews, magazine spreads and even red carpets. Alicia Keys has been most associated with the no makeup movement in recent years, but make no mistake, in almost every appearance she is wearing makeup. It is just so subtle that it looks like no makeup.

This is one of my favourite beauty images in my portfolio. I love the simplicity, and natural texture of the skin.

I love skin, and I hate to retouch it. If you get the skincare right, and apply very light-handed concealing, you can create clean beauty images without the need for much retouching or editing.

I don’t want perfection, I want reality.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the skincare and makeup I used for the look.

Skincare: Waterbalm by Sonia Roselli Beauty, Dr Lipp Nipple Balm for Lips

Eyes: Maybelline Color Tattoo in Creme de Nude, applied lightly and buffed into eyelids as a base, with nude peach powder shadow from the Viseart Basic01 palette blended over the top of the base and into the socket. Collection Clear Gel mascara on lashes & brows. I touched up the outer corner of the brows a tiny bit with ABH Brow Wizz in Medium Ash.

(In all honesty – the black smudged eyeliner is what was left from models own makeup – it was pretty stubborn and wouldn’t fully remove, so I smudged it a little further and worked with it.)

Lips: Lip pencil in shade Beech by The Body Shop, applied on lip line and then used to fill in the whole lip. The sheen applied over the lips was Dr Lipp Nipple Balm for Lips, applied underneath lip liner, then again as a gloss on top.

Face: Bobbi Brown corrector in Light Bisque and cream foundation in Beige (both from BBU palette), Kiko Velvet Stick Contour in 06, Ben Nye cream blush wheel, Ben Nye powder in Bella04, Hourglass Incandescent Light highlighter (from Ambient Light Palette)

Overall the look took me 15 minutes, but to be fair, I was having a good old natter with my model as I worked. If I was doing the look on myself, it would be a 7-8 minute job. To be fair, that’s how long I spend on my everyday makeup.

Makeup doesn’t have to be complicated. It can be as simple and fresh as you want it to be.

I’d love for you to share your no-makeup-makeup looks with me on Twitter. If you do, please @ me (@TasnimMUA) and use the hashtag #nomakeupmakeup