Candles are synonymous with relaxation, self-care, and lockdown homestyling. I used to be big on scented candles and oil burners, and then drifted more towards ouds and bakhoor. Lockdown changed that somewhat as I wanted more variety in my scents, and needed something more readily available in the UK.

In lockdown 2, after joining Yankee Candle (in finance team, my day job) I rediscovered my love for scented candles and wax melts. I am spending all day indoors, at home and use different home fragrances to influence my mood and energy.

The Yankee Candle origins sound like a fable. In 1969, a 16 year old boy, Mike Kittredge, wanted to make his mum a Christmas gift, so used some kitchen wax, a wax crayon, some string and a milk carton to make his first candle. A neighbour saw it, bought it and then the boy was able to buy more materials and produce more candles. 50 years later Yankee Candle is the worlds best known candle producer. Not bad for a kitchen table job.

Yankee Candle have been in the UK since 1998, with their UK head office and distribution centre based in Bristol. They opened their first UK store on Worthing in 2002, and since 2010 have been the number 1 candle brand in the UK.

Fragrances really do evoke memories and Yankee Candles are so much more than just home fragrance. They organise their candles into fragrance families, making it really easy to find your perfect scent.

Every year Yankee Candle launch a limited edition Scent of the Year. The 2021 Scent of the Year is called Discovery. It’s a sweet, fruity, spicy blend of ginger, starfruit and vanilla. This scent takes me back to a holiday in the Maldives over 10 years’ ago, where I stayed in a beachfront villa, with an alfresco shower under the shade of palm trees.

In all honesty, when we had the staff launch of the Discovery candle, just before International Fragrance Day (March 21st), the product development team introduced this as the ultimate holiday scent, perfect for lockdown dreaming… I was not blown away. Then the candle arrived – oh yes, Yankee Candle gave all employees a large jar version of the Discovery candle, they do treat us right – yes, the candle arrived and it really was just that. It takes me back to the most luxurious holiday I’ve ever been on. It’s amazing how much fragrance is intertwined with memory.

  • Top Notes:
    Guava Nectar, Tangelo, Orange, Red Ginger, Peach
  • Middle Notes:
    Cardamom, Starfruit, Passionfruit, Cassis, Mango
  • Base Notes:
    Vanilla Spice, Saffron, Malt, Tonka

Discovery is available while stocks last from Yankee Candle stores nationwide and online at