Last month I took another little wander into my local Lush store, mainly to find a good detangling conditioner for my 8 year old daughters hair. I had a chat with the assistant manager in store, explained my daughter’s various allergies and walked out with some free samples of shampoo & 2 conditioners to try at home.

I was given the Lush Honey shampoo, American Cream conditioner and the Retread conditioner. Both conditioners worked well to nourish my daughters hair but the American Cream won her vote as it has the most amazing fragrance.

I went back to the store the following week to pick up a full size Honey shampoo and American Cream conditioner… and walked out with a little more.

Who can resist the almost edible Lush soaps? Not me.

I’m a sucker for anything ocean fresh and to be honest, it matches my bathroom 😉


I’m a big fan of the shower jellies, and use the invigorating Whoosh shower jelly (the blue one) daily. It’s the perfect blend of citrus and ocean breeze to give my morning a pep start.

Next on my list to try was the 93,000 miles shower jelly. This is great aching muscles and so I use this on my shoulders and neck muscles daily (with Whoosh on the rest of my body). I also use this after a tough day of housework or if I get a flare-up of joint/ muscle pain.

This little round block is a shampoo bar. The Jason & The Argan Oil shampoo bar is for use on my sons hair. His hair doesn’t get greasy or even that dirty. He just needs a light wash shampoo that’s quick and easy to apply. His hair is really short so even the smallest amount of liquid shampoo is too much. A little of this is just perfect for him, and one bar lasts absolutely ages, even with showers 2-3 times a week.

 I’ve used the Gunpowder toothy tabs earlier this year and while it works a dream, it tastes pretty horrific. The Limelight toothy tabs are similarly effective but with a more pleasant taste.

My final purchases were some intensive treats for myself.

The Golden Handshake is a hot hand mask that contains avocado, castor oil, argan oil, cupuacu butter and murumuru butter for intense soothing and hydration. I have perennially dry hands and this gets worse after a day of working on multiple makeup clients as I’m washing my hands constantly during the day.

The unmarked bar is the Hair Doctor intense hair mask treatment. I’ve always been a fan of hot oil treatments to really penetrate my hair for intense hydration for my colour treated hair, this fits the bill nicely.

What are your Lush favourites? Get on the socials…

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