I first tried Mario Badescu’s Drying Lotion and Healing Cream about 4 years ago after they were recommended for treating adult acne in Elle magazine. Having struggled with acne and the scars from acne breakouts since my early twenties, I thought I’d give these a chance.


What tipped me over the edge? Of all things, it was my wedding photos. Try as I did, I couldn’t cover the old acne scars.

It wasn’t even that bad compared to other sufferers but the negative comments from a ‘close family member’ about how disappointing I looked on my wedding day really cut deep. Here started my obsession with clearing my adult acne. So I gave Mario Badescu a try.


Healing Cream
I don’t pick or burst my spots. Never have. Never will. So why the scarring?

My spots are so large, and so deep that they can take over a fortnight to clear. When they do clear, they have already damaged the new skin underneath the spot and left scar tissue.

Here’s where the Mario Badescu Healing Cream came in. It’s a sulphur-based cream, which also contains Balsam Peru to minimise redness and soothe sore skin.

The directions for use state apply on red, irritated or erupted areas… I had all three, on both of my cheeks, my forehead and the sides of my nose. I tentatively applied it before going to bed, and awoke to see improvement. No miracles were performed that night, but day by day I saw visible improvement.

After about a month, my skin was 90% scar-free. The new skin emerging from under the old scar tissue was smooth and the scars were fading.

Drying Lotion
As well as the Healing Cream, the Drying Lotion came highly recommended to accelerate the spot clearing process. The Drying Lotion is a chalky alkaline paste containing salicyclic acid, calamine and sulphur in an alcohol fluid. It works by drawing out the liquid from the spot and then the dry spot just flakes off naturally. Heard of putting toothpaste on a spot? Ouch. This works using the same principle but without the stinging, and without drying the skin around the spot.

These two products combined have kept my acne under control for years now. I used to buy Mario Badescu products from Look Fantastic or HQ Hair but they have both stopped stocking the range.

As it was so hard to find to start with, I used to bulk buy. My supply ran out 3 months ago. I got away with only a few minor breakouts in that time. Now I’m back to this.


I have found a new stockist, Beauty Bay and so I’ve stocked up again. These spots were much worse a week ago but they’re healing well now I’ve restocked my Mario Badescu Skincare. The forehead spots have mainly cleared, as have the spots on my left cheek, it’s now just a few on my forehead, and these on my right cheek.

The moral of the story? Once you’ve found something that works for you, don’t let it go.

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