Right… So you’ve finally got on the Argan Oil hype train. Fabulous. Buuut you’re not sure whether to use on wet or dry hair… Roots, lengths or ends…


Yo chill. I’m here for you.

The short answer is: Either works. It depends on what you want to get from it.

Let’s take a step back and look at why everyone and their mother loves Argan Oil.

Argan oil is high in antioxidants, essential fatty acids, and vitamin E, thereby hydrating and strengthening hair, reducing breakage and split ends. Argan oil can be heated to higher temperatures than other hair oils without losing stability, which makes it a good additive to hair prior to blow drying or straightening hair.

So… Those 3 ways I was talking about

Soothe an itchy scalp

Normally you’d avoid applying argan oil close to the roots, as it’s a very rich oil and can make hair greasy quickly if too much is applied.

Unless you are using as an overnight itchy scalp treatment. To maximise benefits, you can section hair and work one section at a time. For each section, warm a few drops of oil in your fingertips and apply directly to the scalp. Give it a good massage into the scalp, and once you’ve treated the whole scalp, pop a turban towel on and get your 8 hours sleep.

Thoroughly wash out the oil in the shower, by massaging the shampoo right into the scalp. Make sure you wash hair before you wash your body, so that you remove oily residue from your back and avoid back-ne (back acne).

Et voilà. Healthy scalp, happy head. Once a week is sufficient for scalp treatment to soothe itchy, flaky scalp.

Post shower moisture boost

Best applied to wet hair from mid-lengths to tips for a general moisture boost. Then dry and style as normal. Over time you should see less breakage and smoother hair.

Hot oil intensive treatment

If in a glass bottle, it can be warmed in hot water and used as a hot oil treatment for dry or damaged ends (like the old VO5 hot oil). Boil the kettle and pop bottle into a ceramic mug. Once kettle has boiled pour water into the mug, then leave for 2 minutes/ Then take the warm oil bottle and apply a few drops at a time to the scalp, and massage well.

My favourite Argan oils: spree vs steal

Pricey but worth it

Josie Maran £40

Budget-friendly option

Nature Spell: Natural Argan Hair and Body Treatment Oil 150ml £6.50

Let me know how you guys get on with Argan oil. If you have any other tips on how to use Argan oil in different ways, let me know on the socials.

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