The 3 Golden rules

1. Always have a make-up trial beforehand
2. It is your wedding day, not your make-up artists’
3. Relax

Bengali Bridal

Always have a make-up trial beforehand.

This is to ensure that you are happy with your look and everything is all prepared for your special day. A trial enables you to give your ideas, share concerns, and talk about the result you want to achieve. It enables the MUA to perform skin tests, foundation matches, try different lash looks etc, as well as helping them decide what to pack in their kit for the day.

Ideally you want your makeup artist confirmed, booked, trialled, look agreed, and deposit paid about a month before your wedding. This means you need to be looking about 3-5 months before your wedding, in order to get the MUA you want. You may choose to have trials with different MUA’s, but factor this in to your lead time, as many MUA’s are booked up well in advance. Advance booking and trials may be easy for western weddings where a couple often has a long period of engagement. For traditional Asian weddings or arranged marriages, the lead time from engagement to wedding can be as little as 3 months. So much to do and so little time. Get your MUA booked well ahead of time and it’s one less thing to worry about.

I have held bridal make-up trials at short notice, even if it is only a day or two before the big day. It’s understandable that unfortunate events or circumstances may mean that you have a late cancellation from your MUA (mine broke her foot days before my wedding, poor lady). Even if another MUA steps in to cover a colleague, re-do the trial with the MUA who will work with you on the day. Squeezing in a late trial is so much better (for Bride and MUA) than being disappointed with the look on the day. Better late than never.

It is your wedding day.

It is your wedding day, and you want to look amazing but also feel comfortable with your look. At the trial, if you disagree with any colours or are unsure of any style, then say so. The make-up artist is there to guide you and create your perfect wedding day look, and not to force their signature look upon you.

If you’ve had second thoughts on anything you’ve agreed at a trial, then arrange to have a second trial. The MUA may charge an extra fee for this, but in the end, it’s worth it, as you need to be 100% happy.

On the wedding morning…Relax

The time spent getting ready on the morning of your wedding is likely to be the only time all day you will have to sit and relax without the eyes of hundreds of guests on you. Take the time to enjoy it.

I suggest turning your mobile phone off, or handing to a friend/ sister, putting some music on, and relaxing with a cup of tea made by someone else (preferably a younger sibling who rarely/ never pampers you).

My philosophy before my wedding was ‘anything not arranged by T-minus 7 days, can’t be that important’, so I let it all go about a week before the wedding. That way you keep your stress levels managed (and prevent any late stress-related spot breakouts) and you won’t drive everyone else around you crazy with you. You’ve prepared for this day for months, trust in that preparation and let the small things go.

Remember, your wedding lasts for a day, your marriage should last for a lifetime.

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