After you’ve set a date for the wedding and booked the venue and caterers, next comes outfit and make-up  The make-up trials and finding the right make-up artist for you can take longer than you think. Once you’ve found the one you want, you may be disappointed when they’re booked up months in advance. Time is of the essence.

Here are 5 points to consider to help find the right make-up artist for you.

Look for a MUA with a few untouched images in their portfolio

Every makeup artist wants to showcase their work in the best possible way. Their portfolios will always include a number of retouched images  to help do this. While your professional photos will usually be retouched as well, you want to have confidence that your MUA can make you look amazing without computer touch-ups. Also don’t forget that the point-and-shoot pictures from guests won’t be retouched, so you need a MUA who can deliver beautiful looks face to face.

Real bride shots

The real bride pictures are so important. Many portfolios I’ve seen focus on model shoots. These look amazing, but let’s be honest, we’re not all models, so we won’t all look like that. To see a variety of different skin tones and different women’s features and imperfections is a great way to assess whether your MUA will be able to deliver.

Ask to see before-and-after pictures

Most brides (especially South Asian brides) want to look glamorous on their wedding day. But you still want to look like you. No-one wants to look back at their wedding photos and not recognise the woman in the pictures. It may be that you want a complete change from your everyday look. That’s okay too. If you see before-and-after pictures, you’ll be able to judge whether the MUA is skilled at enhancing your natural features, and also whether they are able to deliver transformations (if that’s what you want).

It can be scary for brides to volunteer a before shot for use in portfolios, so please  recognise and appreciate the Brides that have done so. If you’ve found the before-and-after shots useful for you, then please, help us MUA’s out a little and allow us to use yours to help unsure, nervous Brides in future.

A listener

The main thing to remember is that it’s your day. You need to feel comfortable with your look. For that to happen, your MUA needs to listen to you as well as advise. The listening may be hearing your ideas, or it may be addressing your concerns over looks or colours used in the trials.

An adviser

As well as listen, a good MUA will tell you if the magazine clippings/ looks you’ve got your heart set on won’t suit you. They will explain to you why they think a certain look may not work for you, and will explain or demonstrate how to adapt it to make it work for you. The relationship between a Bride and MUA works best with two-way communication, so that everyone is clear and happy about the finished look.

Last words

Good luck with the planning and preparation for your forthcoming nuptials  As much as everyone loves a good wedding, and we pour thousands of pounds and endless hours into planning our weddings, remember one thing;

Your wedding is just one day, marriage is for life

This is part of my ongoing Wedding Season series, so if you’ve liked this post and found it useful, do come back for more!

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