Q: My eye-shadows look bright and vibrant in the pack but not on my skin. I’m using a eye-base already but this doesn’t give the colour intensity I want. How do I make the colour stronger?

A: The purpose of an eye-base is to give the eye-shadow something to stick to, therefore giving longer-lasting wear. This applies regardless of whether you’re using foundation, a special eye-prep balm/ cream, or a cream shadow as a base. Eye-base on it’s own won’t normally serve to intensify the colour of the eye-shadow.

There are a few different ways to intensify eye shadow:

1. Layer the shadow – build up the colour in layers, starting at the bottom of the eyelids, on the lash-line. Eye-shadow will be strongest where you first place the brush. Put shadow on the brush and apply to the eye at the lash-line, making upwards strokes. Once you’ve applied one layer to each eye, add a second, and a third, etc until you get the desired colour intensity.

2. Use a white base – Use a white colour powder/ cream shadow base on the eyelid before applying powder eye-shadow. This will ensure that your skin colour does not ‘tone down’ the eye-shadow colour, and will give a more striking result. My favourite white base is the NYX eye base.

3. Use water – use a damp eye-shadow brush to apply the shadow. This will give a more intense colour. You can either dampen it with water or an eye-shadow mixing liquid (e.g. Makeup Store Mixing Fluid or KIKO Cosmetics mixing fluid £3.90).
Note that if the eye-shadow is a pearlescent or a shimmer eye-shadow, this will give a metallic/ foiled look. If the eye-shadow is matt, then it will simply give a more intense, strong colour.

Have a play with each one and see which method gives you the result you want.