What am I talking about? Wayne Goss had an incredibly successful brush launch 3 years ago this Autumn. I bought a few brushes back in 2013 (image below) and while I initially loved them, they were a bit of a faff for regular pro use, as my pro brushes do take a bit of a battering. That said, they are fantastic brushes for consumers.



The anniversary edition looks like this.



Yep. They’re the same. Almost. The difference is that brush 01 is now bigger, yep it’s 3 times as big, so won’t give you the same neat precision that the original gave.

Is there a price differential? In the US, yes. The original set cost $210 and the anniversary set costs $225.

Given the price difference of $15 for one design change, it does seem like Wayne is having a *kerching* moment, capitalising on his increased popularity over the past 3 years and leap into major monetisation & sponsorship of his blog/ vlog.


Whatever I think about Wayne’s approach to monetisation and other pro’s accusations of him selling out, you can’t deny that these are fantastic brushes. If you are looking for high quality personal use brushes, then I can’t recommend these enough.  If you want to have any hope of getting your hands on these, then would sign up to the Beautylish list NOW to be notified of the release date.