A little late posting this as UMAExpo was way back in April. I bought a lot of kit items there which I’ve been using over the past few months and really wanted to share.

As well as attending seminars and buying some more pro kit essentials, I finally picked up a few kit storage items that I had been dithering about for months. My reservations were borne out of not having seen the items ‘in the flesh’. UMAE was a great opportunity for me to do just that, and here’s what I bought.


Make-Up Forever – Dany’s pouch

RRP: £22.75
Show price: £14.79

I previously gawped at £22.75 for a brush holder, but I never really appreciated the size of the MUFE Dany’s pouch. My previous brush holder is from the Make-Up Store and cost about £15. It’s good  but just not big enough for my essential brushes on set. I then started using it as a hairbrush holder for all but my paddle brushes, and it works fabulously. Back to Dany’s Pouch… it’s made of really sturdy material, and the lid is securely attached with strong elastic. My Make-Up Store pouch comes away completely and I quite like that, but it’s a minor personal preference. The rim, however on the MUFE pouch is reinforced and so stands up on pretty much any surface (even on uneven surfaces), which is a definite plus, as my Make-Up Store pouch often tips over, even if on a flat surface (not ideal!).



ZUCA Pro Artist Case

RRP: £205

Show price: £185

This is not a massive discount on current RRP, but early-bird Make-Up Artsist buying this a year or two ago paid around £230-240 for it and so it’s a big difference on those earlier prices. I was very sceptical about whether I could fit all of my kit in this little wheely case, even though I have a pretty streamlined kit.

People always talk about the Zuca inserts being useful etc but I always thought it wouldn’t make a difference, as I use small clear pouches for everything anyway. The Zuca pouches? They DO make a difference. They pack in more than my small pouches do, and are a pretty strong clear pvc-like material. This means that they stack really well (better than my small pouches/ pencil cases) and as they tessellate, they genuinely do save space by minimising gaps/ wasted space.

Of course, there is the other USP of the hard top being a seat. I’m not so fussed about this, as when I am doing make-up in a random field, it’s usually only touch-ups, as I have prepped model in a studio beforehand. It is however, great to sit on yourself when travelling by tube. I was knackered after UMAE and packed all my purchases into my Zuca Pro and then did use it as a seat on the way home. Result!