The Mehron Prisma rainbow cake is a product I bought a few months back after a very vague shoot brief requiring creative colour with a stage-look… the end shoot brief changed but I had a stash of unusual creative products purchased from Dauphines (my local supplies store in Bristol) and I’ve only just got round to playing around with them.

The Prisma cake is a soft-ish but solid water-activated cake make-up. I bought the rainbow cake as I was attracted by the vibrant colours. I actually used it just this past weekend for a bit of kiddie face-painting. My 4 year old daughter has a Snazaroo kit but the sahdes in this do not lend themselves to colour mixing as they are a mixture of pastels and deep sahdes, but none of the primary colours. The red is a soft inky red, the blue is nay, the yellow is a pastel, chalky yellow. It is really hard to mix strong colours without true-tone primary colours. I couldn’t even get a decent orange or brown for animal faces.


Enter stage left – Mehron. I popped a little water on a make-up wedge and squeezed it out. Using the sharpest edge I ran it along the orange line in the Mehron cake. I gently swept this over my daughters skin and was blown away by the pigment. It gave a strong wash of colour that built up with only 2 layers to an opaque orange. Once this layer dried, I dabbed on the yellow from the Snazaroo kit over the chin area and then added the other colour accents.

It was so easy to work with as a base, and she said that it felt like cream, not too uncomfortable but a little wet. The best part is that the Mehron cake is made from botanical ingredients and so is great for delicate skin. My daughter has had mild eczema in the past and so I don’t like using Snazaroo all over her face as it gets a bit tight and itchy. No such problems with the Mehron cake.


Here was the end result (a quick 3-minute job while waiting for the bath to run!)