On my recent Westfield Stratford City jaunt, as well as hitting Kiko, I also popped into bargain beauty store Beauty Bay. They often carry US budget brands like LA Color or LA Girl (I was after some of their concealers but they didn’t have the full shade range – typical, eh?). Having just picked up some nail lacquers from Kiko, I then realised that I didn’t have any nail polish remover, so I picked up these pocket-money buys at the Beauty Bay till for about 95p each.

LA Colors Nail Polish Remover pads

These are basically little cotton pads soaked in nail polish remover. Simple but effective on-the-go.

​Each pad is super thin but holds enough  remover to clean 3 or 4 nails (I used 2 coats of regular polish). A bit of rubbing & scrubbing is needed to get into edges of the nails but I didn’t mind this as the pads are quite gentle and non-abrasive. 

​The scent is very subtle and to be honest a little redundant. The chemicals in any polish remover are strong enough to overpower any fragrance.
Once the nail polish was removed, I did feel a little chemical residue but no way near as much as the sponge-pot type removers. These pads weren’t as quick or as effective as the Bourjois or Sally Hansen sponge-pot removers but also didn’t have the sting factor.

Here is the before and after.


Does it work? Yes, on regular polish but not tested on gel effect polish. It does take longer than sponge-pot removers but overall isn’t a bad choice for your handbag in case of nail emergencies.