O.M.G. I finally bought it. The Holy Grail of all makeup lighting systems… The Makeup Light.

Pricey (starter set is £275 and goes up from there) but is it worth it?

Why do I need my own lighting?

It’s no secret that we’re not blessed with a lot of sun here in the UK, but with winter well on its way this poses a bigger problem for makeup artists working early mornings and into the evening. Most of my bridal bookings start around 6am, before the sun is up. I often work hen parties which often are late afternoon to early evening, and can’t always rely on good lighting at the prep venues. As well as my private client work, I need good lighting for photographing my own makeup looks for the blog and my socials.


Which lighting system is for me?

Makeup artists in the US rave about TML. Artists in the UK are still getting by with ring lights… Glamcor lights are getting a little more popular but default choice still seems to be the cheaper ring light option.

Ring lights are great at diffusing light and making your skin look amazing. Fantastic when taking close-up photos and headshots but not a true reflection of how makeup looks in natural light. That’s why I’ve steered clear of ring lights for anything other than photography.

I have softboxes for my blog photography and recording video demos, but these are more suited to photography or videography, not makeup application. The lighting is on the yellow side and doesn’t always give a true representation of how makeup looks in natural light.

The next option for me to explore was Glamcor. More accessible than TML (until recently) and exhibiting at trade shows so we makeup artists could see, snap and test the lights for ourselves.

What put me off Glamcor was the closeness to the subject. You need the lights to be right in front of the subject in order to give you the best lighting. Problem. That gets right in the way of where I need to be to actually apply the makeup. Even a few feet back, the light wasn’t powerful enough to evenly light the subjects face.

My experience with TML

I saved for about 3 months and decided to take the plunge with TML.

This is how the light changes (or doesn’t) when you run it through different filters. Very little difference. That shows the quality of the white lighting effect. It doesn’t change the lighting tone even under different filters.



A few days after it arrived, it had its first test outside of my home.I took my TML along to a pageant where I was one of 6 makeup artists booked. The pageant was held at Dstrkt which is not ideal (ahem… a bloody nightmare) for makeup regarding lighting or electric supply… enter TML and my electric multiplug extension cable. I set up TML and extended it so it was about 6-feet high and I sat it back about 5 feet from me.


TML lit makeup stations for me plus 4 other makeup artists.

Saved. The. Day.

TML is going to be coming out for pretty much every early bridal appointment as it’s so neat and compact but packs a big punch. I’ll be using it as an added light for blog photography, either on its own or in addition to my softboxes. I’m also going to use it when I finally get my vlogs and YouTube videos started.


How do you manage lighting when you’re on location? I’d love to see who’s team TML vs team Glamcor or team ring light… get on the socials…

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