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As well as being a freelance make-up artist, I also run my own online jewellery business, The Southern Jewel. This year I was given the opportunity to be the jewellery sponsor for The 5th Annual Asian Awards. As a sponsor I was in attendance at the star-studded (and some seriously big names) gala dinner and awards ceremony.




As a thank you for all of the support in launching my business, I took my mum as my plus one. Here we are all glammed and ready. My outfit is from Bidaii London, and my hijab is from Butterfly Rose Crush.

Photography by Amz Thakrar

Photography by Amz Thakrar


It was the first post-One-Direction public event for Zayn Malik, and he also decided to debut his new cropped hair at the same event. Why should I care? To be honest, I didn’t care or even notice really… until the following day when I saw Twitter blow up as the event was live-streamed on Periscope and received massive press coverage due to Mr Malik. He even outshone Shah Rukh Khan in the column inches… quite a feat.

Anyway, for me the highlight wasn’t seeing Zayn Malik, no, or even Shah Rukh Khan. I went total fan-girl when I met the wonderful and incredibly humble John Rocha CBE. He won the award for Outstanding Achievement in the Arts. A genuine and true creative, he was so charming and inspiring. That really was the highlight of my night, my week, no actually one of the highlights of my year.

Gok Wan at The Asian Awards 2015

Gok Wan

The host was the ever charming Gok Wan (another of my fashion idols!) and he was presenting with the full force of his wit and charm and really kept us laughing along the way. The entertainment was provided by the fantastic London cast of Bend It Like Beckham (adapted for stage by Gurinder Chadha – below) which is due to open in London very shortly.

Gurinder Chadha

Gurinder Chadha

Full list of winners can be found here on the official website for The Asian Awards.

Here are a few of the official red carpet photos to enjoy! I really enjoyed the night and am looking forward to being involved next year!