Oooh, I like me a bit of Kiko. A great store to wander into and spend a good hour or so playing with products and walking out wit a nice selection that won’t break the bank. I had a bit of a Kiko haul, unintentionally, I might add, I only went in for a Second Skin foundation.

Here’s my second impulse buy (the first is a selection of nail lacquers), the Tropical Waterproof Liner  for a bargain last chance price of £1.20 each in store (stocks are very limited and prices may vary per store).

Kiko Tropical Waterproof liner

I bought the liner in shades 01, a lovely sparkly gold, and 05, a vibrant fuchsia-purple.

Kiko Tropical Waterproof Liner

I don’t really use colourful liquid liner on myself or my clients but I though these might be fun to play with. For the bargain price, I was pleased to find that the pigmentation is good (much better than the ELF and NYX ones I previously bought to experiment with) and the formula is really smooth.

Kiko Tropical Waterproof liner

Here’s how it looks on the skin. The brush is a standard liner brush, nothing too fancy but it does the job. You can apply with a light hand for a thinner line or go a little heavier for a thicker line as you see fit.

Kiko Tropical Waterproof liner


Will I get a lot of use out of it? For experimenting, yes, definitely. I hope to post a few looks in the next few weeks using these liners, so keep your eyes peeled.